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Who We Are?

Sterling Associates DMCC are the exclusive distributor of the Sterling Property Portfolio investment fund. We strongly believe that UK property has, and always will be one of the safest and most profitable places to invest your money. This secure property fund offering gives investors the opportunity to access this market quickly and easily from overseas, benefiting from maximum security and an attractive fixed income. Our aim is to provide the very best UK property investments to our clients, and we know Sterling Property Portfolio is just that. Our team of experts understands the intricacies of the UK property market and is dedicated to your portfolio management.

Specialized Expertise

UK Property Investment Fund, Sterling Property Portfolio / SPPF was founded with a view to filling a gap in the market for investors seeking generous returns through the buy-to-let property, without the inconvenience of being a hands-on landlord. The fund allows you to reap the rewards of property investing while we do the leg work.

Focused on High Performance

We follow a tried and tested investment strategy that delivers strong returns with maximum capital security. Investing in the right property in the right area and most importantly at the right price.

Your Wealth, Our Business

We target existing rentable properties for immediate income and a strong chance of long-term capital growth. Investor funds are used to purchase a diverse range of income producing properties throughout the UK. The collective rental income is then distributed amongst investors to give a fixed-return over a 5-year period.

How it works

“We have a proven success in acquiring low risk,
high-quality assets with strong financial
growth and investment returns.”

Happy Clients

I Invested with sterling associates 3 years ago and have been very pleased with the performance to date. they also help me manage my other assets and have helped me considerably.

Michael Richard

I’ve had a very positive experience with investing property from Sterling Property Portfolio. From the start to the finish, the process was smooth. The expected rent was correct and the valuations from the bank came in spot on. I will Invest more from them in the future.

Abdulla Bin Mohammed

I would highly recommend Sterling Property Portfolio, the team is very responsive with my questions and assisted throughout the process to get my investment done. I’ve been working with them for over 1 year now and very happy with the consistency and transparency.


Jacqueline D’souza

Definitely the best available option to invest in properties in UK. Very transparent and smooth experience with SPPF. The agents are very responsive and helpful. Thanks Sterling.

Dinok Fernando

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UK Property Investment Fund


Sterling Associates DMCC is the exclusive distributor of the Sterling Property Portfolio investment fund. Sterling Property Fund / SPPF allows property investors to receive rental returns from buy to let property. A fund looking for Real Estate Investors who are willing to invest in UK property in locations where people live, work, play and learn.

Leading UK Property Investment company / Real Estate Investment Trust Sterling Property Portfolio offers a diversified range of UK property investments. We aim to provide the very best UK property investment to our clients. 

Property for Investors, History shows we outperform other asset classes. We offer sustainable, strong returns for property investors. Why Invest in UK Property? According to the UK land registry, In June 1980 the average UK property price was £20,044. In June 2020 it’s £237,834… 

Achieve best rental yields in the UK with Sterling Property Portfolio. Strong Returns With Our Buy to Let Portfolios, A Hassle-Free Investment Hands-Off Investment With Assured Rental Returns.